For more than 200 years, West Point has produced soldiers and leaders who have served our nation in and out of uniform. Women have been part of the famous Long Gray Line of graduates for the last 30. As Army officers, athletes, wives, and mothers, as leaders in business, in non-profits and even the clergy, they’ve met challenges and overcome obstacles to lead others with strength and courage. Porcelain on Steel is an insider’s tour of one of America’s most storied institutions and what it takes to succeed in the high-pressure, high-performance, high-testosterone lab that produces leaders for the Army and for the nation.

The Aesthetic of Porcelain On Steel

Porcelain On Steel: The Title

It’s an epic battle of biblical proportions in writing. A title is the first impression a writer makes. The few words of a title are as important as the work itself. If the title does not capture the reader in the first few seconds, no connection is made and the reader may never pick up the book let alone open it.

Isn’t Porcelain Fragile?

The Fold of the Bright-Eyed: Athena Explained

Pallas Athena, the beautiful Greek goddess of war and wisdom, combines the martial and the feminine. A provocative mating of seemingly opposite yet related attributes highlights the power and grace explored in the myths of Athena. This juxtaposition of strength and femininity makes Athena the choice for the cover of Porcelain on Steel.

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