We can choose to become a leader others want to follow. Leadership is a transformational journey, one of refinement and distillation. Donna McAleer understands this journey - a leader’s burning desire to take charge, accept responsibility, inspire others, influence outcomes, be decisive, innovate, and function successfully. Her eclectic background ignites and informs her compelling exploration of all facets of leadership.
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Apologies Instead of Action

One would think that when the Joint Chiefs of Staff and members of their staffs took their seats in the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) hearing on June 4, 2013, they would come armed with statements promising change and detailing actions being implemented. But, instead of being like Lieutenant General David Morrison, Chief of Staff,...[Read More]

What do we Tell Our Children Who Want to Serve? The Sexual Assault Crisis in the Military

Senators Kirsten Gillibrand (NY) and Claire McCaskill (MO) have become the faces and voices of outrage and action over the crisis of sexual assault in the military. The reason why two civilian female senators who never wore a uniform have done so is because, as members of the Senate Armed Services Committee, they had to....[Read More]

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, upon the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s unanimous recommendation, last week signed the repeal of the combat exclusion policy of 1994, opening more than 200,000 military jobs to women. This was a military decision endorsed by politicians about military readiness, strategic decision-making, and national security. More t[Read More]

On the way to school this morning, my daughter casually mentioned that one of her friend’s father’s carries his hunting gun with him wherever he goes. In querying how she learned this, my daughter said “because she told us at lunch.” My third-grade daughter continued that he has a piece of paper that says he...[Read More]

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