Donna McAleer

We can choose to become a leader others want to follow. Leadership is a transformational journey, one of refinement and distillation. Donna McAleer understands this journey – a leader’s burning desire to take charge, accept responsibility, inspire others, influence outcomes, be decisive, innovate, and function successfully.

Her eclectic background ignites and informs her compelling exploration of all facets of leadership.

The Latest On Leadership

Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

Often I encourage young girls as well as my middle-aged friends to always be on the look out for women role models.  Role models provide us a renewed sense of optimism and increase our confidence in our own ability to succeed.  Role models set examples for us and our daughters.  Their actions and words demonstrate […]

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It’s a Bad Girls World — Some Would Have Us Think

It’s a bad girl’s world and good role models for young girls are difficult to find, or so the media would have us believe.   Americans are bombarded with images of women to sell everything from beer to cars.  Meanwhile, young women searching for role models may have difficulty seeing past the “sex sells” mentality that […]

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