Donna has a rich history of experiences and insights that she shared with her audience for business application. She was able to take examples from her book and challenge our group with good questions on how we would respond in similar situations, or what we could apply to our world based on the examples of others. Donna made a great connection with our group, was fully committed, and had a comfortable way of delivering her message.

“Donna spoke at the 4th Annual Nevada Women Veterans Summit in March of 2011. Her presentation was crisp, thoughtful, and moving, and her style was outgoing and approachable. Having Donna on board helped to make this event one of the best outreach events we have ever offered. I cannot endorse her unique and informative presentation enough.”

“Donna McAleer is a magnificent presenter, both on the panel and in the classroom setting. Of particular importance is the way she could interact with our students, both in smaller settings, as well as large public setting. All of her comments were thought provoking and generated good debate and discussion. Her responses were thoughtful, seasoned, and often times, provocative, which is exactly what we want to get our students thinking. She certainly has our deep appreciation for being at Norwich for three days in support of the symposium, and she has our deep respect for the being able to handle difficult and complex subjects.”

“The very success of the 4th Annual Nevada Women Veterans Summit rests in caliber of our guest speakers and their moving, poignant and insightful presentations. Donna McAleer not only discussed the importance of team work in the military but in our personal life as well. Her speech was captivating, motivating and inspirational!”

“I strongly recommend Donna McAleer as both a guest speaker and an author. Speaking at the Fort Stewart Women’s History Month celebration, she was not only knowledgeable but touched our audience with her sincerity while using clear language. Her book, Porcelain on Steel, served as a perfect compliment and is not only educational but inspiring as well. Anyone who brings Ms. McAleer’s talents to their event will be well served!”

“We invited Ms. McAleer to speak to the 35 members of our Presidents Council at a lunch meeting and to our 400 upper school students in an assembly. Motivation, leadership qualities, and understanding yourself were topics that meant a lot to our students. Donna’s military demeanor combines well with her intellect and warmth to make her a very effective speaker.”

Donna McAleer spoke to our students about her experiences at West Point, Olympic Tryouts, and beyond. Her direct and down-to-earth wisdom quickly got their attention and touched their hearts. Many young women later commented that she truly understands what it means to walk in their shoes. This helps make her an effective speaker on leadership for young women.

“Donna inspired the members of our Women’s Giving Circle with her stories of women’s courage and leadership. She connected directly and personally with our members – especially the teens, who learned by example that girls can do anything they put their minds to – including ‘boy’ push ups!”

“Donna McAleer brings a sense of humor and in-depth knowledge to a topic few of us know enough about–that is–women in the military. Her ability to recount, in great detail, stories and statistics about women’s (and men’s) experiences in the armed forces is formidable. Her speeches, particularly when there is a question and answer portion are terrific for listeners of all ages. We’re delighted to count her among our “local authors” whom we value so much at the bookstore.”