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Honored Role Series (Part 9): Beth Carpenter – Bridge to Bridge

This is the ninth installment in the weekly Honored Role Series. Beth Carpenter was never a “typical girl”. As a child growing up in Massachusetts, she loved making paper airplanes and building structures from kitchen utensils. She also questioned her parents and teachers about the physics of bridges, the earth’s orbit around the sun, and […]

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Honored Role: A weekly series about role models

Between 1980 and 2008, 3,245 women graduated from West Point and have served selflessly in the Nation’s armed forces. Most of them, whether or not they still wear the uniform, are ordinary women with extraordinary stories of perseverance and integrity. They are soldiers and wives, mothers and daughters. They are doctors, lawyers, teachers, clergy and […]

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There is only one first day of Kindergarten

The first day of kindergarten is a momentous day for both child and parent.   The weeks and days leading up to the first day of school have been filled with anticipation and excitement.  Visits to the school, meetings with teachers, introductions to the principal, shopping for a new outfit, learning bus riding procedures, and packing, […]

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