Donna McAleer

We can choose to become a leader others want to follow. Leadership is a transformational journey, one of refinement and distillation. Donna McAleer understands this journey – a leader’s burning desire to take charge, accept responsibility, inspire others, influence outcomes, be decisive, innovate, and function successfully.

Her eclectic background ignites and informs her compelling exploration of all facets of leadership.

The Latest On Leadership

Remember Freedom is Not Free

Veterans Day began in 1919 when President Woodrow Wilson designated November 11 as the first commemoration of Armistice Day to remember the end of the “War to End All Wars” and honor those who have served our great Nation in uniform. As we observe this Veterans Day, the tenth as a Nation at war, please […]

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Recommended Reads-Every Soldier Has a Story

During World War II 6% of Americans served in uniform. The war effort was ever-present in the daily lives of the remaining 94% of Americans. The nation as a whole shared in the sacrifices of the war — men entered the military, women worked in the factories, and all people rationed gas and food. Two […]

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Women and War: Stories Make a Difference

The United States has been engaged in combat in Afghanistan longer than in any previous war. As a Nation at war for more than nine years, women are serving in new roles and in larger numbers than previous battles. More than 220,000 women have been deployed, nearly 12 percent of the force. Similar to their […]

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Honored Role (part 22): Valencia de la Vega — Brains in a Bikini

This is the 22nd installment in the Honored Role Series. Fed up with the constant media attention and hyper-promotion of tissue-thin fashion models and beauty queens with little between the ears, Valencia de la Vega entered the Ms. Latina Beauty Pageant in October 2009. This former Army Captain and combat veteran turned Intel engineer decided […]

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Honorable Service Terminated by Dishonorable Policy

Most news about West Point, my alma mater, makes me exceedingly proud. While the news about West Point being ranked #4 this year in Forbes list of top colleges, (down from #1 last year) is reinforcing and encouraging, last Tuesday’s news is not. It makes me sick and angry. Cadet Sergeant Katherine Miller from Findlay, […]

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All it Takes is One

The Honored Role Series will return next week. Writing is a solitary act, but publishing is a team effort. The journey from paper or computer screen to an actual book is a long and circuitous one. It is hard work and it is a process, one in which emotions modulate like a sine wave. During […]

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