Donna McAleer

We can choose to become a leader others want to follow. Leadership is a transformational journey, one of refinement and distillation. Donna McAleer understands this journey – a leader’s burning desire to take charge, accept responsibility, inspire others, influence outcomes, be decisive, innovate, and function successfully.

Her eclectic background ignites and informs her compelling exploration of all facets of leadership.

The Latest On Leadership

Now that the gay thing is resolved, can we let soldiers be openly female in combat?

In March 2011, the Military Leadership Diversity Committee issued a report to President Obama and the 112th Congress recommending the elimination of the Combat Exclusion Policy. Retired Air Force Gen. Lester L. Lyles, commission chair, said the recommendation is one way the congressionally mandated body suggests the military can get more qualified women into its more-senior leadership ranks. “We know […]

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Social evolution is rarely the product of intelligent design

Please forgive me for a little shameless self-promotion, but there are few things authors enjoy more than provocative reviews from other award-winning authors and notable lawyers. Like most authors, Jack Woodville London loves books. After appreciating the many reviews that ran for his first release, French Letters: Virginia’s War, Jack decided to pay it forward […]

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Honored Role (part 24): Abby Griffin: The Call of Nursing

This is the 24nd installment in the Honored Role Series.” Reared around the military, Abby Griffin, a native of Cody, Wyoming, moved to Germany at nine year’s old when her mother was assigned as a nurse with the Department of Defense. In elementary school she showed an early interest in following her mom’s footsteps that […]

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Unplugged and Disconnected: A Technology Holiday in the Wilderness

In 1869, Major John Wesley Powell set out on a remarkable westerly mission—to explore and study the unchartered waters and canyons of the Green and Colorado Rivers. Powell, a distinguished geologist, ethnologist, and one-armed Civil War veteran, began the journey with nine novice oarsmen and four wooden boats. As they entered what is now Canyonlands […]

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Honored Role (part 23): Captain Kelly Peyton Howard — Yoga’s Warrior Pose Mind, Body & Spirit Connection

This is the 23nd installment in the Honored Role Series.” Two disciplines thousands of years old; the profession of arms, fighting for and defending your nation, and yoga, an ancient practice whose purpose is enlightenment and union through physical, mental and spiritual movement and discipline. Both require strength and practice. Army Captain Kelly Peyton Howard, […]

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Women’s World Cup Soccer: Winning by losing

“Winning isn’t everything. It is the only thing.” Vince Lombardi They are a different team, but had the same goal, the FIFA Women’s World Cup Title. Inspired by, growing up and playing in the shadows of the 1999 U.S. Women’s World Cup Championship team, the 21-member 2011 U.S. squad wanted to create their own championship […]

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