Two Women Complete Army Ranger Training, What’s Next?

Ret. US Army Ranger Jeff Struecker argues women shouldn’t serve in combat roles, citing a “social issue.” West Point graduate and Army vet Donna McAleer tackles that argument saying that our military should be led by the best and brightest regardless of gender.

On August 21, two women will graduate from the Army’s storied Ranger School making history. They demonstrated that physical strength, mental toughness, and leadership are not gender specific. They are found in exceptional men and women.

Ranger School is considered the Army’s premier small unit leadership school. Only 3% of the Army has earned the Ranger Tab. Individual performance and an individual’s contribution as a member of a team are the sole considerations. Average men and women do not earn the Ranger tab; the men and women who graduate Ranger school are exceptional soldiers.
See their full discussion on The Lead with Jake Tapper on CNN. John Berman hosted the interview. Watch the episode here.

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