An Organically Grown Domestic Arms Race

On the way to school this morning, my daughter casually mentioned that one of her friend’s father’s carries his hunting gun with him wherever he goes. In querying how she learned this, my daughter said “because she told us at lunch.” My third-grade daughter continued that he has a piece of paper that says he can. I told her that piece of paper is called a concealed weapons permit. As we pulled up to the school entrance, I asked why would he need to carry a hunting weapon with him at all times. She said, “I don’t know. Love you. Bye,” and hopped of the car and skipped into her school.

On my way home, I mulled two thoughts. “Do more people having guns make me feel safer?” And: “Do I want my daughter going to her friend’s home for a play date knowing that father is possibly wearing his gun in the home?”

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