Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Stories – Porcelain on Steel Now Available

Today is an important day; Porcelain on Steel: Women of West Point’s Long Gray Line is officially released. While writing is a solitary act, publishing requires a team effort. Bringing this book to life was a six-year journey during which many supported me. It came to fruition thanks to many friends, family members, mentors and professionals who believed in the idea and provided endless amounts of encouragement, counsel, love and friendship.

My hope is Porcelain on Steel inspires constructive conversation about strong women role models and the importance of education, leadership, personal responsibility and public service.

In an era when the American public is saturated with women selling sexuality, this book stands alone as it highlights those who use strong character traits to make a positive contribution to society. Leadership is a matter of character; leadership is a matter of how to be, not just how to act. Leadership is instilled – great leaders, in turn, instill leadership in others.

The women in Porcelain on Steel exemplify this leadership approach and wisdom for all ages and time. Their qualities and strength of character would lead to success in any era. Their stories, however, are especially relevant in today’s times.

Porcelain on Steel is a book for daughters, sisters, best friends, and most of all, yourself. The women in Porcelain on Steel are genuine role models. America’s youth, whether male or female, as well as parents in search of stories of inspiration, courage, loyalty, public service and leadership that set a positive direction for our young people, should read this book. These are ordinary women with extraordinary stories that span the breadth of the American experience.

For more than 200 years, West Point has produced officers and leaders who serve our Nation in and out of uniform. Women have been part of the famous Long Gray Line of graduates for the last 30 years of this treasured history. As soldiers, athletes, wives, and mothers, and as leaders in business, non-profits and in the clergy, they have met challenges and overcome obstacles with strength, courage and leadership. Theirs is a type of character that the heat of change and challenge could not destroy, instead forging a will as strong as steel. We can find courage in their courage, faith in their faith, and our own best selves in them.

I will continue to shine a spotlight on more women from the West Point community through the Honored Role profile series on this Porcelain on Steel blog; the series will return in July.

Thank you for your interest and steadfast support. I look forward to sharing this next phase of this unique journey with all.

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